Begin your yoga journey with Sun Salutation

Yoga is being practiced and developed in India over six thousand years. We can trace the practice to the ancient civilization of Mahenzodaro, now in Pakistan. In a seal excavated, where we find Pashupati or the Lord of the beast sitting in a Yogic pose. Yoga is a physical method of healthy living and curing … Continue reading Begin your yoga journey with Sun Salutation

Personalise your stay

Homestay is redefined with Trip Home. There are hotels and resorts in different parts of the tourist destinations, to provide accommodation for tourists. The new option in the accommodation market is vacation home. A vacation home is typically a home stay or vacation rental now getting popular in India. Trip Home, the Tripsmakers vacation home … Continue reading Personalise your stay

Darjeeling car rental

Darjeeling, a famous hill station is situated at a height of 6,710 ft above sea level in north east India and it is a part of West Bengal state. Being a summer resort of the Raj, this small town sprawled today as an important tourist spot of North India. Darjeeling is known to the world … Continue reading Darjeeling car rental

Glorious bloom of Neelakurinji

Neelakurinji is a rare flower, which blooms in every twelve years. The violet colour flowers are only bloom in the hills of Munnar, Kerala. They will bloom again in 2018. Don't miss the opportunity to see the rare flowers. Visit Munnar and stay at Neelakurunji Luxury Plantation Bungalow, for details please visit

Neelakurunji Luxury Plantation Bungalow, Munnar – Tripsmakers

Neelakurunji Luxury Plantation Bungalow The luxurious plantation bungalow is situated in a tourist friendly stretch of Munnar, away from the maddening crowd against the backdrop of hills, boulders and cardamom plantations. Stone-clad and with the interiors of a cosy monastery, the bungalows are fitted with all modern amenities to let you have a comfortable stay. … Continue reading Neelakurunji Luxury Plantation Bungalow, Munnar – Tripsmakers